Powering Scholars

2024 Champion Scholarship Award Program


Champion Energy is committed to the communities we serve and to investing in tomorrow. The 2024 Champion Scholarship Award Program will recognize three qualified scholars for their achievements.

Learn more about the program and last year's scholarship recipients here: 2023 Champion Scholars

See what some of our previous scholarship winners are up to now:  These Champions Scholars are Making a Difference

Scholarship Guidelines


  • Complete the online application by March 31, 2024
  • In your, you may include mentions of academic performance, awards, and volunteerism
  • Essays should be limited to 500 words
  • Applications will be evaluated on your response to one of the three essay options below.

Questions? Email scholarships@champion.energy.


Applicant Information
Academic Information

Essay Prompt (Please choose one)

Prompt 1: Reflect on a time when you experienced adversity. Describe what you learned or gained from that experience.

Prompt 2: Describe your plans for the future. If you are awarded this scholarship, how will this money help you accomplish those future plans?

Prompt 3: When we think of a champion, we often think of a person who has beaten all of their competition to win, but “champion” can also be used as a verb meaning “to support or defend.” What is something that you champion in your life? This could be a cause or a person or a belief. Why is it important to you to champion that cause, person or belief?

Note: Essay length has a maximum of 500 words. This application form will NOT allow you to save a draft of your application. We suggest that you draft your essay first, then complete the application form when you have all the required information.