Gross Receipts Tax Reimbursement
& City Tax Information

Champion Energy Services passes through applicable City Tax and Gross Receipts Taxes (GRT) to all customers based on the address and zip code provided to us by the customer's utility company unless the customer provides Champion supporting evidence that the location is in an unincorporated area (located outside the city limits). If you believe your service address is located in an unincorporated area (located outside the city limits), please read below and provide us the necessary documentation to update your account and refund any amounts that may have been billed in error.

Requirements for GRT Reimbursement:

  • Please complete this GRT Certification Form.
    (The information needed for this documentation can be found on your Champion Energy invoice in the top right hand corner.)
  • Along with the GRT Certification, supporting documentation must be included, such as your County Appraisal District Form or Property Tax Forms that indicate you do not pay city tax.
  • Once you have completed the GRT Certification Form and have all necessary supporting documentation, please forward all documentation to or mail to the following address:
    Champion Energy Services
    Sales Tax Department
    1500 Rankin Road, Suite 200
    Houston, Texas 77073
  • For all other inquires please contact our Customer Service at 281.653.5090 or e-mail our help desk in Texas at