Simplify your budget with the Average Billing payment option from Champion Energy.

Average billing is an averaged amount a customer can pay each month to help even out payments throughout the year. Based on an average of previous 11 months’ of charges and current actual charges a customer will pay approximately the same amount each month. At the end of the contract, Champion will adjust a final bill by debiting or crediting the difference between the Cumulative Average Billed Charges and the Actual Billed Charges.


To sign up for Average Billing, call us at (877) 653-5090.




Frequently Asked Questions about Average Billing

What is average billing?

Average billing makes it easy for you to manage your monthly budget by billing you an average amount each month to balance out the highs and lows of seasonal changes.

Am I eligible for average billing?

Customers on a time of use (Free nights or weekend plan) are ineligible for average billing.

Will I pay less or more while on average billing?

In the end, you will pay the same as if you weren’t on Average Billing, but Average Billing will reduce the peaks and troughs of seasonal usage.

What is the fee to be on average billing?


There is no fee to be on Average Billing.

What will my bill look like?

Example shown is for a Texas bill. In other states, the local utility will determine the look of your bill.

  1. Average Billing to Date –  Accumulated charges billed to this date.
  2. Actual Charges – What you would be paying if you weren’t on average billing.
  3. Average Billing Charges –  Total of Current Average bill charges and the previous bill average bill charges.
  4. True Up Balance – difference between actual charges and average billing charges.
  5. Current New Charges – Champion Energy plus Utility Charges.
  6. Average Bill Charges – current bill average charges.
  7. Plan Difference – Difference between the Current new charges and average bill charges

How is my bill calculated?

If available, we’ll add up your monthly bills for the last 12 months and divide it by 12. Then, we’ll add or subtract 1/12 of your deferred balance (cumulative difference between your monthly average billing and the actual amount). If there is no previous billing in your name at the service address, or you do not have 11 months bill amounts at the service address, we will take the previous usage at that service address and apply your current price to calculate your average monthly amount.

Your monthly bill will show exactly how much energy you use, the actual bill amount, and any deferred balance on your account.

Each month 1/12 of your deferred balance will be added (or subtracted if a credit) to your average bill amount and becomes your current bill – so your bills will vary slightly from month to month.

What if I’m new to Champion and don’t have a billing history with you?

If you have less than 11 months of service at your home we will take the historical usage of your home and calculate an average monthly amount. If you are at a new home we will average your billed invoices as they are billed (i.e. 1st invoice will bill as-is, 2nd invoice will average the 1st and 2nd invoice, 3rd invoice will average the 1st, 2nd and 3rd invoice, etc…)

What if I leave or cancel my agreement with Champion?

Any credit balance will be applied to your next bill or refunded to you. Any outstanding deferred balance will be due at that time.