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Electricity Deregulation

What is deregulation and how does it benefit consumers?

In Texas, there used to be only one choice for electricity based on where you live. If you wanted electricity, you had to buy from the local utility. Everything changed in 2002, when a new state law broke apart the old monopolies and separated the delivery of electricity from the electricity itself. Now, in much of the state, one company reads the meters and maintains the poles and wires that deliver the electricity and many companies now compete to sell the electricity that runs over the poles and wires. As a result, Texas consumers benefit from competitive rates, more product options and greater service levels.

How do I know if I am in a deregulated part of the state and eligible to choose a Retail Electric Provider?

Contact us at info@championenergyservices.com, visit www.powertochoose.org or call 1.866.PWR.4.TEX.

What happens if I have an emergency or power outage, since the market is deregulated?

Contacting your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU), also known as a transmission and distribution service provider (TDU) company, is the fastest way to get a response to an emergency or power outage situation because, regardless of which Retail Electric Provider you choose, your TDU is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment designed to flow power to your service location. Please check your bill for the TDU that covers your area. 

TDU Service Area Emergency Service:

CenterPoint Energy (Houston and surrounding areas): 800.332.7143
Oncor (North and West Texas, including DFW): 888.313.4747 or 888.313.6862
AEP — CP&L/WTU (Central, South and West Texas): 866.223.8508 or 877.373.4858
Texas New Mexico Power (S. Central Coast, Far West and North Texas): 888.866.7456

Champion Energy

Who is Champion Energy?

Champion Energy Services, a Calpine company, is one of the largest and fastest-growing retail electricity providers (REPs) in the United States. Backed by Calpine, a Fortune 500 company and one of the cleanest power generators in the U.S., we currently serve residential, governmental, commercial and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets in Texas, Delaware, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.

How can Champion Energy offer lower rates than many of its competitors?

Champion Energy maintains a very low cost structure, we actively manage our supply position, and we negotiate the purchase of wholesale power from electricity wholesalers at very reasonable prices. As such, Champion Energy can offer exceptionally competitive rates.

What customers does Champion Energy serve?

We are currently serving residential customers in Illinois and Texas, and commercial customers in Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

How do I apply for a job with Champion Energy?

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit the careers section of our web site.

Making the Switch

Is there a chance I will lose power when I switch to Champion Energy?

No. There will be no interruption of service when you switch to Champion Energy.

What happens if I switch to a new provider and that provider leaves the market?

If your provider leaves the market for any reason, your service will be transferred to an alternative provider with no loss of service. The PUCT (Public Utility Commission of Texas) seeks to make the transition to and from the alternative provider as seamless as possible. Notification of any such change in provider status is automatically generated and forwarded to the customer so you can take action and choose a new provider.

Do I need to contact my current provider when switching?

When you switch to Champion Energy, we send an electronic notice through ERCOT to your former electricity provider. However, we suggest that you refer back to your current provider's Terms of Service to see if anything specific is required from you, including whether you are subject to an early termination fee.

Will I still get the same reliable electric service to my home or small business?

Yes. Your local TDU will still deliver the electricity to your home or business and read your meter each month. Nothing changes at your home or business. Existing power lines and meters will stay in place and continue to be maintained by the TDU. The TDU simply sends us your meter readings so we know how to bill you for service.

Do you charge a fee to switch from my current provider to Champion Energy?

Champion Energy does not charge any switching charges. The TDU may charge a fee if you request a particular day for your service to start or if you need expedited service. You will be informed of those charges if you request such service.

Will you check my credit when I sign up?

Yes. Champion Energy will perform a credit check to determine if a deposit is required. If you apply on-line and a deposit is required, we will notify you at the e-mail address or mailing address you provide during the enrollment process.

How do I pay my deposit?

If you require a deposit at the end of the enrollment process, there are several ways for you to pay your deposit. You can pay online at the time of your enrollment or later using the link provided in your confirmation email. You can also:

  • Send cashier's check or money order (personal checks and cash cannot be accepted) to:
         Champion Energy Services
         Attn: Residential Sign-Ups
         1500 Rankin Road, Suite 200
         Houston, Texas 77073
  • Pay in person at one of the many Ace Cash Express locations. Please specify that your payment is a deposit.
  • You can authorize a wire transfer of funds from your bank account to Champion Energy Services. Please call Champion Energy at 877.653.5090 for more information.

For each of these forms of payment, please include the confirmation number referenced at the top of your enrollment confirmation. In order to guarantee that service starts on the date you selected, please call us at 877.653.5090 to avoid any delay in service.

Can I get my deposit waived?

You may be eligible to have the deposit requirement waived if you meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory credit by providing a letter of credit that illustrates you were not late on an electricity bill payment more than once over the last 12 consecutive months. This standardized letter can be obtained from your current provider. Click here for example letter.
  • You are over the age of 65 and not delinquent in payment of any electric service account
  • Applicants who have been declared a victim of domestic family violence and can submit a certification letter developed by the Texas Council on Family Violence as evidence. Please fax this letter to 281.653.5080. Download Form
  • You are considered medically indigent as certified for a government entity or government-funded energy assistance program provider and physician.
  • If you qualify for the Rate Reduction Program, you may be eligible to pay your deposit in two equal installments. For more information, call 1.877.653.5090 or email at info@championenergyservices.com

How long does the switch take?

Switching to Champion Energy is fast and easy. A standard switch is completed within 7 days. You can request a specific date for your switch to take place when you enroll through our website; the TDU does charge an administrative fee for that, although Champion Energy does not. The specific charge is presented to you when you select the date. You can also request same-day or next-day switch by contacting our customer care department, which also carries a fee from the TDU but without any additional fee from Champion Energy.

Rates, Contract and Plan Information

What will I pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity based on 1,000 kWh of average monthly usage?

Please refer to the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for your particular plan. The EFL can be seen under the ‘details’ option next to the product name on our website and includes the average rate at 500 kWh, 1,000 kWh and 2,000 kWh. The average cents per kWh at 1,000 includes all of the regular charges you receive each month averaged over 1,000 kWh of electricity usage. Your actual average cents per kWh will vary from the amounts listed on the EFL based on the amount of electricity you use each month.

Does the average cents per kWh rate include everything, including the electricity cost, the transmission and distribution charges, fuel charges, the monthly customer charge and other fees?

The average cents per kWh rate includes the energy charge, transmission and distribution charges, PUC assessment (a tax charged to all customers, regardless of where you live) and any base charge, if applicable. Monthly service fees, if any, will be noted on your Terms of Service or Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The average rate does not include taxes that are based on where you live, such as city tax or gross receipts tax. The calculation of the “average cents per kWh” is regulated by the PUCT.

Is this offer a fixed rate offer or a variable rate offer? If it is a variable rate offer, how can it change and how do I find out when the rate will change?

There are three types of residential product offers: fixed, index and variable. Champion Energy currently only offers fixed and variable service plans. New customers can choose from a variety of contract term lengths for fixed electricity plans. Under a fixed plan, the electricity rate does not change for the term of the contract, subject only to certain changes that could come from legal or regulatory changes. When your contract expires, your service continues on a Month-to-Month Variable Rate plan. Champion Energy's Month-to-Month Variable Rate Plan offers the flexibility of a monthly contract; however, the monthly price will change, but not by more than 30% each month. Rates are posted by the 30th of each month here.

Is there a contract involved?

If you choose one of our fixed-rate plans, the terms vary in duration, which are typically between 6 and 36 months. From time to time, we may also offer month-to-month plans.

What happens when my contract period expires?

When your contract expires, your service will not be terminated automatically. You have the choice to enter into another fixed-rate contract at current rates, or the account will go into month-to-month status with the current default rate, in accordance with your terms of service.

Is there a penalty if I break my contract with Champion Energy?

If you close your account with Champion Energy or switch to another electricity provider before your contract ends, you may be subject to an early termination fee, in accordance with your Electricity Facts Label (EFL). Please see your Terms of Service and EFL that you were provided at sign up for additional details. In Texas, these fees can range from $150 to $250.

Can you tell me about environmentally friendly or green electricity?

Champion Energy makes it easy for consumers, like you, to make a positive difference for our environment, and we currently offer two 100% renewable energy plans: Green Energy-12 and Green Energy-24.

Account Maintenance, Billing and Payment

How can I change my account information?

Call our customer care department at 877.653.5090.

Does Champion Energy offer budget billing?

Yes. Champion Energy offers residential customers an Average Billing Plan, which allows you to spread the amount due over the year in order to reduce dramatic fluctuations in your monthly amount due. Customers who are not delinquent in payment may enroll in the Average Billing Plan. Each month, Champion Energy will calculate your averaged monthly payment based on your contracted rate and terms, and your historical usage. Click here to learn more about the Average Billing option.

How do I sign up to receive my bills by e-mail?

Sign up for e-bills by contacting us at 877.653.5090 or support@championenergyservices.com.

What are my payment options?

You can either pay in person, pay online, or pay by mail. For more information on payment options, see our page here.

What if I miss a payment or am late on a payment?

If your payment does not post by the due date, a disconnection notice will be sent to you, and you will have 10 days to process payment before your account is subject to disconnection for non-payment.

If I need assistance in paying my bill, who do I contact?

There are several payment assistance agencies that may be able to help you. Click here for a full list.

Can I change my payment due date?

We do not currently offer the ability to permanently change your payment due date. Please contact our Customer Care team if you need to make payment arrangements.

Can I change the date my meter is read?

The changing of meter read dates is typically reserved for larger commercial users and is not allowed by residential customers.

How much is the late payment fee?

Late, delinquent or past due balances will result in a late payment penalty equal to 5% of the month’s past due amount, less any charges for which you have already been assessed a late fee.