Solar Buyback Program

If you choose to own or lease any on-site generation equipment (except for emergency back-up generation used when your TDU is not capable of delivering energy) or thermal storage capabilities (collectively “On-Site Energy Generation”), you must provide Champion Energy Services, LLC (“Champion”) with a minimum of sixty (60) days prior written notice. Champion may then add and incorporate a Solar Buyback Addendum (“Addendum”) into your electricity services Contract or will begin to reflect your solar generation credits on your subsequent monthly bills. Listed below is a more detailed explanation of Champion’s Solar Buyback Program, including a sample of some of the potential terms and conditions that you could expect if you enter into a Solar Buyback Addendum with Champion.

  1. You may request that Champion include you in its Solar Buyback program if either a) you have requested such service and the meter for your identified account is interconnected to the grid for purposes of On-Site Energy Generation or b) Champion has noted that your usage reports for your identified account shows excess generation, indicating you have on-site generation for your account that is interconnected to the grid (the “Interconnected Meter”).
  2. Once the Addendum is added and incorporated into your Contract, Champion will settle your real-time onsite solar generation (“On-site Generation”) and your electricity usage for the Interconnected Meter. Your TDU measures usage and generation every 15 minutes (each 15-minute period, an “Interval”). During each Interval in which your On-site Generation for the Interconnected Meter exceeds your usage (“Excess”), Champion will provide you a billing credit (“Credit”). The Credit will be determined by multiplying your Excess for that Interval by the corresponding real-time settlement point price (as defined and set by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”)) for the Interconnected Meter’s load-zone (also as determined by ERCOT). Champion will provide that Credit to you on future invoices (“Solar Buyback”).
  3. The Solar Buyback does not change your overall Energy Charge, as defined in your Contract, and does not contain any other costs, charges, fees, or taxes. It is a direct settlement of generation as compared to usage for the Interconnected Meter, as described above. All other costs, charges, fees, or taxes will continue to be calculated and invoiced in accordance with your Contract.
  4. Although Champion will continue to apply any existing Credits to a renewal of your electricity services with Champion, the Credits will be void should your electricity service from Champion be cancelled, terminate, or expire for any reason.
  5. Champion reserves the right to modify, change, or terminate the Solar Buyback program in any manner at any time in its sole discretion.
  6. All other terms of your Contract will remain in full force and effect, except as expressly changed in your Solar Buyback Addendum.

These terms are provided only as an example of the potential terms that may be available to you should you choose to participate in Champion’s Solar Buyback Program. Please refer to your actual electricity services Contract with Champion, your subsequent bills reflecting any potential solar generation credits, and your Solar Buyback Addendum (if such an Addendum is entered) for the specific terms and conditions applicable between you and Champion.

If you have any questions about the Solar Buyback Program please contact Champion at 877.653.5090 or via email at