Sophisticated Energy Solutions

Commercial Energy Products and Plans Tailored to Your Business Needs




Champion Energy's knowledgeable commercial team works with you to customize a creative energy solution that keeps your company's unique commercial electric power needs and specific interests paramount. To determine a solution that's truly customized for you, we assess a range of factors like your business drivers, budget flexibility and risk tolerance. Request an energy assesment for your business today.

  • Fixed Rate Product
    Price certainty with a fixed price per kilowatt hour for the term of the contract with no hidden fees.
  • Hybrid Products
    Combine market opportunity and target price protection with our load-following product that mixes fixed and index rates.
  • Block & Index Products
    Secure fixed prices for specific portions of your load while letting the rest follow the market index.
  • Layered Purchase Product
    Combine market pricing with fixed rate certainty by locking in incremental percentages of your load.
  • Index Rate Product
    For active electricity market participants, we provide an indexed product to capture market-based opportunity.

Additional Options

  • Wholesale / Managed Product Options
    For active participants in the energy market, Champion is open to discussing your power portfolio and what your options may be when it comes to structuring a managed product.
  • Custom Options
    Not every product will fit your needs, and we don’t expect them to. Our Sales Representatives are available to speak with you about what your options are when it comes to tailoring a product to meet your electricity spend goals.
  • 100% Green Energy Options
    Green energy components can be incorporated into the offer to further customize each specific solution.