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Selecting an energy supplier is a major decision that every small business must make. Each business needs energy, whether it’s to keep the lights on or run electrical equipment. This decision can have a significant effect on a business’ cost structure and environmental impact, including its carbon footprint. As a result, choosing your energy supplier can have major ramifications for your business so there are certain factors that you need to consider, including your energy strategy, how to get the best and most reliable pricing, and access to renewable resources.

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One of the first things you need to consider when choosing your energy supplier is how they will help you achieve your corporate energy strategy. An energy strategy is built around how your business will source its energy at the lowest cost available. To do this, there must be an understanding of how much energy is needed and how this affects your bottom line.

After these questions are answered, your business can focus on strategic energy management – working to achieve continuous energy performance improvements through reduced energy consumption, increased productivity, and lower costs. Even something seemingly small like a 3% annual reduction can have a huge impact on the success of your business, especially when compounded year over year.

Creating the best energy strategy can be difficult and time-consuming, but working with a company like Champion Energy Services can help you move forward in the right direction. Our experts understand small business energy needs, and we can work with you to optimize the best strategy for your firm.




According to a survey conducted by Energy Star, small businesses spend a whopping $60 billion a year on electricity costs. In addition, when owners were asked which of their expenses was the most unpredictable, the answer was almost always energy expenses. Another report issued by Forbes stated that the cost of electricity was among the top three highest expenses for most small business owners.

As the energy market has become more deregulated, business owners now have the ability to choose who sources their energy. Many large corporations can fund their own power source, thus managing their energy procurement and costs directly. Others can negotiate with power producers directly, signing power purchase agreements, or PPAs. These agreements lock in their electricity prices for the term of the contract, guaranteeing them stable rates.

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have the capital to acquire PPA contracts or power their own operations. This means that they have to find power on the open market, often from a regulated utility, leaving them susceptible to price volatility on a daily basis. This instability in pricing can prevent businesses from controlling their costs and accurately producing budgets and forecasts.

When choosing an energy provider, you want to work with a partner that can provide fair and stable pricing. At Champion Energy Services, we can streamline your energy procurement process and our price protection will ensure the stability of your electricity prices for the life of your contract.

This will give your business the ability to control energy costs and properly budget and forecast. You will no longer be at risk of day-to-day market swings due to the cost of fuel or power, allowing you to focus your expenditures on growing your business.




Another important factor small business owners must consider when choosing a power company is access to a variety of energy sources, including renewables. As consumers and investors become more conscious about the carbon footprints of companies they support, business owners must adjust their corporate strategy accordingly.

Some options include solar lease agreements so that businesses can power their own operations, but these can be complicated and expensive. In these arrangements, you work with a solar company to lease the equipment, but the solar company retains ownership of the system and the associated tax breaks. The lease terms and requirements vary greatly, so it is important that you explore multiple options if you choose this route.

As part of the Calpine family; we are america’s largest generator of electricity via low-carbon and environmentally responsible production methods. Visit to learn more about how Calpine is creating power for a sustainable future.

Since energy purchased from a regulated utility or a retail electric provider is sourced directly from the grid, it is almost impossible to determine what produced the energy you are consuming. Choosing a Champion Energy Service Business Energy Plan will continue to promote the development of renewable infrastructure in your area, and it is also a great way to show your customers that you are supporting green energy.




At the end of the day, small businesses must keep in mind their energy strategy, the ability to secure fair and reliable pricing, and access to different sources of energy when choosing their energy supplier. They need to find an energy provider they can trust, as they will be an integral business partner.

Champion Energy Services’ small business origin is a constant reminder that doing the right things for our clients is what helped us succeed. Our leading technology and small business energy solutions have helped us grow to be one of the largest independent electricity providers in the country, and meeting the needs of our small business clients always comes first.

Contact Champion Energy today for a quote and let us be a partner you can trust to provide all of your energy needs. Our customized products and pricing are best in class, and our award-winning, 24/7 customer care department can answer any question that you have. Call us today!

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